The list… gay rumours

JOSH DARE separates the thick from the thin.

1. Kevin Spacey’s heart is mugged
The rumour: Newspaper The Star claimed Kevin Spacey had a daytime romp with a hunky model on a rocky hilltop outside LA, and printed 13 photos to back up its claims.
The reality: Spacey did not respond to the claims. In years to come, he was mugged early one morning while “jogging” through one of London’s most notorious cruising parks. Poor, poor Kevin Spacey.

2. Robbie William’s publicity machine
The rumour: Robbie Williams wants to “feel real love” from a bloke.
The reality: Although it certainly doesn’t help that the cheeky chappy doesn’t stop joking about it (most notably by telling a concert attended by humourless Frenchmen that his lover was Guy Chambers), Robbie definitely put the foot down with a libel case against The People which reported that he was a secret homosexual – which he won. His counsel, Tom Shields QC, told the court: "Mr Williams is not, and has never been, homosexual".

3. Elijah Wood’s very, very gayness
The rumour: Elijah Wood is ‘very, very gay’.
The reality: Somebody’s totally sure of it – well, sure enough to start a website titled “Elijah Wood is Very, Very Gay” (EWIVVG for those in the know, at And although antics such as dry humping fellow cast members on the red carpet would suggest otherwise, he’s maintained his claims of heterosexuality, and even acknowledged the very, very gay site, calling it “hilarious”.

4. Tom Cruise’s litigious heterosexuality
The rumour: Tom Cruise is a secret homosexual, even to the point of requiring an acting coach to get him through his love scenes with then-wife Nicole Kidman.
The reality: To avoid potential action, I’ll let Mr Cruise’s lawsuits speak for themselves. In 1998, he sued a British tabloid that alleged that the marriage was a sham designed to cover up his homosexuality. In May 2001 he filed a lawsuit against gay porn actor Chad Slater (who had allegedly told the celebrity magazine Actustar that he had engaged in an affair with Cruise) He also sued Michael Davis, a magazine publisher, who alleged that he had photographs that would prove Tom Cruise was homosexual - this suit was dropped in exchange for a public statement by Davis that Tom Cruise was heterosexual.

5. Marlon Brandon’s cock smoking affair
The rumour: The deceased actor’s appetite for sex was insatiable, extending to some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
The reality: A new biography, Brando Unzipped, reportedly features a photograph of the screen star engaged in oral sex with another man. Publishing group Blood Moon believe that the inclusion of the photograph will be treated "tastefully".

6. Ian Thorpe’s pearl necklace
The rumour: To be blunt, if you haven’t heard the rumour that Ian Thorpe is gay by now, I haven’t been doing my job properly.
The reality: Surely his PR representative must have an automated email signature called ‘standard gay denial’ by now, and repeated claims are pretty mundane but, for me at least, an easy joke. Seems I’m not the only one – in a recent Herald-Sun interview, the Thorpedo said his sexuality is targeted by hecklers to an extent, “But I think we're past that now. I think most people are over that most of the time. But that's not what people are always yelling abuse at me about.”

7. Anthony Callea’s get-down-on-your-knees prayer
The rumour: Since his Australian Idol days, Callea has been dogged by claims he is gay.
The reality: Despite a certain editor’s unhealthy obsession with Callea, he’s yet to relent and fess up. In fact, he’s gone so far as to say, "I'm not gay. I don't know why people say I am. A lot of people just make up rubbish.” Kinda like his song Rain, which was absolute rubbish as well.

8. Richard Gere’s advertising campaign
The rumour: A French tabloid claimed that Richard Gere’s marriage to Cindy Crawford was a sham.
The reality: Following the allegations, the couple spent US$30,000 on a full-page ad in the London Times which read, "We are heterosexual and monogamous and take our commitment to each other very seriously. Reports of a divorce are totally false. We remain very married. We both look forward to having a family. Marriage is hard enough without all these negative speculations." They separated six months later.

9. Ricky Martin’s bon bons
The rumour: Latino sensation Ricky Martin could have only been singing about his mother with She Bangs.
The reality: When asked by Barbra Walters if he were gay, he produced this sound bite: “For some reason, I just don't feel like it [saying what my sexual orientation is]. You know, it's something so mine. I give it all when I'm on stage. I give it all in interviews, but you've got to keep something for yourself sometimes, and that's for me.”

10. Eddie Murphy’s hooker, line and sinker
The rumour: That in 1997, Eddie Murphy picked up a pre-op transsexual prostitute on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
The reality: Shortly after the alleged incident, the National Enquirer ran a story titled “Eddie Murphy’s Secret Sex Life: His Transvestite Hooker Tells All”, which was shortly followed by an article in Globe called “Eddie Murphy’s Sick Obsession With Drag Queens!”. Within seconds, Eddie Murphy filed $5 million in libel suits against both papers. Just over a month later, Eddie dropped the lawsuit against National Enquirer and agreed to reimburse the tabloid for its legal fees. Murphy’s lawyer also claims to have previously settled with the Globe. National Enquirer editor Steve Coz warned, "If you're going to go after the Enquirer, you'd better be damned sure of your facts."