Five Things I Hate… Kath & Kim

Australia’s Kath & Kim are suburban nightmares living the suburban dream.

Kath Day (Jane Turner) is a forty-something single lady who likes to keep herself trim, and cleanses and tones of an evening. She's proud of her townhouse and considers herself high maintenance.

Her daughter Kim (Gina Riley) is a pouting princess whose glass of Bailey's Irish Cream is always half empty rather than half full and believes she's a horn bag in anyone's language. She's separated from her husband of two months and is consoling herself by stuffing her face.

With Kath's new fiancé Kel (Glenn Robbins), Kim's second best friend Sharon (Magda Szubanski) and her estranged husband Brett (Peter Rowsthorn), they love to make mountains out of molehills and sours ears out of silk purses.

Kath & Kim leave no letter unturned as they mangle syntax and find virtue in the mundane.

Kath I hate Kim being back in the abode. She’s really getting up my goat.
Classic Kath & Kim Quote Kim: “My marriage is over. O-V-A-H. Over.”

Kim I hate not being able to eat Lays chips in the good room.
Classic Kath & Kim quote Kath: "Well Kim I'll tell you something for nothing - you may eat like a pig but you're certainly not a dog." Kim: "Well if I'm not a dog, how come I've got a bitch for a mother?"

Kath I hate Kim’s weight. She’s such an eyesore.
Classic Kath & Kim quote Kath:“*sighs* Kim is my daughter...and whether I like it or not she's a big fat reality I have to deal with.”
Kim: “I've decided to lose weight the sensible and old fashioned way - laxatives and smokes.”

Kim Well, I hate hearing Mum and Kel going hammer and tongs in the next bedroom.
Classic Kath & Kim quote Sharon: “Aw, Kimmy, I think it's nice your mum's got a boyfriend. Or are they de factos?”
Kim: "De facto, night facto, the fact that they're facto-ing at all I find repulsive in the extreme.”
Kath: "In turn, I hate having to put a damper on the connubials. Kim is in the next room and Kel can’t curb his vocalisations.
Classic Kath & Kim quote: Kath: "I don’t think you can handle the fact that while your marriage is on the rocks Kel and I are gettin’ ours off."

Kim I hate it when it rains and my hair goes all frizzy.
Classic Kath & Kim quote Kath: “Guys like long hair on a lady - especially when it is on her head. Unlike Jennifer Aniston ... she's got flat hair ... my hair is pretty. I do like a frizzy perm and I give myself a home rooting every six weeks (that saves).”

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