How to pick up people without really trying

Be hot
I’m not gonna mince words here (and this should not be a surprise to anyone), but the easiest way to pick up without really trying is: be hot. Ask any hot person; they’ll tell you that they are so tired of people hitting on them that they wish they looked… like you. Just teasing, of course; but if you weren’t born hot, there’s not much you can do in that department besides accentuate your good features. And everybody has good features, so don’t count yourself out.

Have a wingman
This is such an Americanism, but having a good wingman (or “wingwoman”) can be indispensible. The term comes from the US Air Force, where the leader plane has another plane positioned near it to cause a distraction or be a target. Same theory applies here. Most importantly, make sure your wingman is less attractive than you. People on the prowl are usually in same sex duos, so what you do is set the wingman on the person you’re not keen on in the pair, and bingo! The hot one is now free to chat, and keen to because their less-attractive friend is occupied.

Have fun
It’s a cliché, but absolutely nobody likes a sourpuss. Not even hornbags. There’s nothing less attractive than someone who looks like they’re severely pained just by sitting there. Have a good time – or at least look like you are, by laughing and smiling a little. Try not to look like someone that bites if anybody says hi. Don’t try too hard at faking it though – that looks totally obvious, and desperate.

Be approachable
This should be a no-brainer, but if you want people to approach you, then – y’know – look approachable. That means not huddling yourself into a corner with your friends and having in depth conversations, but by being accessible. Make sure you don’t adopt closed off body language, like crossed arms. And making eye contact is pretty important for suggesting you’re open to meeting people. Just a glance’ll do though – you don’t need to mentally undress them.

Drop the pick up lines
If you think a potential partner would be floored by some corny line that ends in, “Now let’s get you home and out of those wet clothes”, that’s probably the main reason why you’re still reading lists about picking up people instead being out there doing it. Hotties aren’t aliens that have a different language or custom, hopefully they’re someone that’s just like you. So be friendly, say hi and just make conversation – but don’t be a douchebag.

Slut it up
Probably not the most wholesome advice, but if you want attention, then wear something attention-grabbing. You know, a low cut or tight top for girls, or ass-hugging jeans for guys. The aim isn’t to show off your body – it’s just a non-verbal communication method, and you’re trying to say, “I’m someone to chat to”. Whether you go for “I’m easy” or “I’m marriage material” is entirely up to you.