Josh Dare, Melbourne-based writer, highly adept at talking about self in third person. Himself. Talking about himself. Self? Self.

Josh had a love of the craft from an early age, capturing his year eight teacher's undivided writerly attention until she discovered that the story's hero, a talking toaster in God's kitchen, was an appropriation of a bit-joke talking toaster in 80s British sitcom Red Dwarf, releasing the first wave of Josh's ten-year admiration/degradation cycle career.

The craft remained dormant in Josh until a working holiday in the UK, during which Josh honed his skills with electronic pen with impersonal group emails detailing his, uh, adventures? This reads exactly like bullshit."Craft"!

While on the working holiday by chance a creepy internet stranger approached Josh with work and what the hell it's an adventure saw him take the job as an editorial assistant at CBC which became Swan Publishing which became something else untraceable and seemingly unlinkable for taxation purposes at the time Josh was made redundant.

This piece of creative accounting however was responsible for launching his yeah it was pretty successful freelance career. Sprouting in the UK with articles in refresh, City to City, Harrod's Estates yes like the department store, and Club News, a naff industry publication for the UK healthcare industry with an inordinately high readership of 500,000 – half a million lucky souls who witnessed the birth of someone who calls themselves a writer with Josh's first ever published work, a puff piece of nothingness about Brad Pitt garnered mainly from Wikipedia.

Upon return to Melbourne, Josh naively applied to the position of news editor of gay community paper MCV (Melbourne Community Voice) who humoured him with an interview bless their cotton socks and somehow kept a straight face as they let him know they do have an opening for a freelance contributor (newspaper speak for 'summer casual'), which opened the back door for Josh to charge through months later and become the ultimate slashy: designer / scene editor / staff writer / I think web editor was a slash for a while but not long enough to mention wait it's on my resume.

After a successful stint at MCV, Josh launched himself to Canada and spent a few years in Toronto, where he developed a casual and engaging writing style and technique which whoaMG you're reading right now and can be seen in scattered awesome short stories which will culminate in his first novel, currently in progress with at least 1000 words and no doubt going to stay that way for probably forever but we can dream can't we.

Pretty handy with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver also, the proof of which you are once again currently I bet in awe of.