Professional bio

Josh is an experienced communicator and creative marketer with a Master of Communication degree. His most recent role was as Marketing Coordinator at an iconic Philadelphia gym, which required multi-channel marketing efforts over pixel and print for several in-house brands, in addition to leading the marketing efforts for personal trainers and small business tenants within the health & fitness category, including massage, psychology, and therapy.

His prior role was as a Digital Content Strategist at a content marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. As an intern, he oversaw content marketing production, including infographic and motion graphic design and production, and conducted analytics of the agency'spast campaigns. He then carried on working for them as a content creator, authoring SEO-optimized blog posts for clients. He was able to achieve great success in this function thanks to the depth of his journalistic experience, having contributed general interest articles to mastheads in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.K.

Josh Dare, Philadelphia-based writer, content marketer, and marketing communicator.

Josh had a love of the craft from an early age, although it lay dormant until he found opportunity during a working holiday in the U.K., joyfully writing updates to friends and family back home with wit and humor.

He soon chanced across an ideal job as the editorial assistant for a busy London publishing house. Following this post, continued writing, contributing widely on a freelance basis.

On return to Melbourne, Josh approached streetpress community newspaper MCV (Melbourne Community Voice); becoming the ultimate slashy: designer / scene editor / staff writer / web editor / photographer.

Wanting to advance professionally, he decided to pursue a Master of Communication degree from RMIT Melbourne. He graduated in 2014 with a new-found penchant for marketing communications and a particular flair for content marketing.

Following study, Josh took the opportunity to work and travel in the United States. He headed to Philadelphia, where he met and married a local. Greencard in hand, he now lives in Philadelphia permanently.